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All I have to say is their fish is so fresh. I ordered from them twice yesterday and am waiting for them to open today so I can order again. Don't go wrong with choosing another place and potentially getting gross fish. This is as real as it gets.


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Great food, some of, if not THE BEST sushi I’ve ever had!

Fresh and delivered fast!

Can’t recommend enough....


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I love this place and order from them at least once a week. Excellent food & service.


1 review
Go here all the time, always good quality and friendly staff


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the best food there is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The best delivery sushi we have found in Boston!

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Do great childhood adventures really influence ones choices made later on in life? Apparently Yes, In the cases of Keri Cassidy and Liz Ventura of the North Ends Mercato del Mare. Although the two funny gals hail from two opposite coasts of the country, both share a reservoir of fond fish-oriented memories, may they be capturing or consuming. Perhaps it was these heart-cockle warming anecdotes that drove the two partners, and pals, to abandon their previous office-oriented careers and fill up a cozy neighborhood fish market with fresh sea-fares, and cockles of another sort. Since the opening of the market last summer, the ladies of Mercato del Mare have been busy providing the North End with much-needed fresh seafood ingredients, and many ready-made, take-home options. At the end of day, the gal pals still enjoy unwinding with a glass of wine, a can of cold brew, and dream about the day when they can enjoy a duly rewarded vacation to Liguria or Greece. Though the work is hard, they wouldnt have it any other way, not even if given the chance to run away and join the Seattle fish market. "No Way! " Says Liz. "I Love Our little fish market, and being in the North End. "Enough Said. Mercato del Mare is here to stay.